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Our Siding Contractors in Table Rock, NE, Help You Save Energy

Every home is unique, which is why J K Home Improvement Siding & Windows offers you many options for siding. A popular option is the seamless insulated siding, which eliminates expansion and contraction problems due to improper nailing or attachment. The ferrule studs on them are exactly four inches apart, which means there is no worry about improper nail spacing or angling. The ferrule studs also prevent the nails from being installed upwards or downwards, which provides perfect nailing.

Save energy

With insulated siding, you can reduce your energy bills. In fact, not only is it a smart choice for the environment, there is also an energy savings pledge of 25% when you switch to seamless insulated siding! 
Siding installed on the exterior of the house in Table Rock, NE

Elegant looks

Our siding has a brushed wood finish and comes in a range of beautiful architectural colors. It comes with a lifetime written warranty that even covers color fading, ensuring that your investment will provide lasting value to your home.

Made to last

The panels we use are supported from both ends and can take wind loads of up to 270 mph. They have 300% greater impact resistance than ordinary sidings and are less likely to sag. Simply put, we use high-quality materials that look great and function even better.

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